We can provide domestic and commercial scaffolders to handle any project you have in mind.
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Why Acquire the Scaffolding Services of the Blue Jay Builders


Whether you require an independent scaffolding platform to complete elevated repairs or have an event or function that requires a self-standing structure, the Blue Jay scaffolding team of scaffolders will be able to supply and build the perfect structure to meet your requirements.


Whether it’s the chimney of your house or it’s part of your workplace, you can trust our team to provide proper scaffolding that will best suit your needs. Safety is our number one priority at all times, which is why we always carry out a risk assessment to understand the potential hazards involved in any building work or scaffolding structure. You can rest easy knowing that we are on the case.


The essential task of any roof system is to protect the structure and equipment from the effects of weather. However, day-to-day practical work may require more sophisticated solutions that protect equipment without obstructing the progress of works. We provide some temporary roof scaffold options.


When you’re making small changes to your home or business, you might not require a full scaffolding service. If you’re looking for a scaffolding tower to give you access to the hard-to-reach parts of your property, then allow us at Blue Jay scaffolding to get you sorted! We are experts when it comes to tower scaffolding, giving you the perfect service to suit your needs.


A tower scaffold is one way to prevent a fall when working at height. The type of tower selected must be suitable for the work and erected and dismantled by people who have been trained and are competent to do so.


We carry out all stages of commercial scaffolding, from initial installation to dismantling after the job is done. Safety is our number one priority, which is why we always carry out a risk assessment with every job to understand the potential hazards involved. You can rest assured knowing that we are handling your scaffolding, helping you at every step of the journey to make sure that your needs are met at all times.

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Scaffolding Services in New York

We can provide domestic and commercial scaffolders to handle any project you have in mind. We are used by painters and decorators, roofers, builders, and more. We also supply high-quality shoring scaffolds for supporting walls and other towers during construction. We have built a reputation for excellence among domestic and commercial clients alike. With more than 10 years combined experience between us, it’s a reputation that’s well-deserved.

We offer comprehensive Blue Jay scaffolding services in NYC tailored to residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re planning an exterior renovation of your home or an upgrade to your business premises, we’re confident that our experts can help make your projects easier to manage.

Benefits of Scaffolding Services in NYC

Commercial and town work scaffolding contractors NYC is at the very heart of our expertise. Often our customers require scaffolding to be erected in town centers and busy public areas, which presents additional risks and requires more careful planning. Blue Jay builders often complete projects out of normal hours to minimize disruption to neighboring businesses and the general public. This is why we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. See the images below for some recent commercial works we have completed.

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The Scaffolding Installation Services

At Blue Jay Scaffolding Services we have years of knowledge and experience as well as a clear set of values that shape everything we do. This makes us one of the top choices for those seeking a scaffolding contractor and our clients know they will get excellent service from us. We work to provide fully personalized service as we understand that no two projects will be the same, and our team has close working relationships with clients.

Whether you need support with design, you want to talk to a senior estimator about a tender, or you need a long-term scaffolding contractor with large capacity that you can rely on, we can deliver.

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Details About Scaffolding Services of Blue Jay Builders NYC


The sort of work that often needs doing on a fire-escape includes:

  • replacing treads on the stair way

  • replacing bars

  • wire-brushing rusted parts and repainting with primer and specialist paints

  • removing fatigued or rusted fixings and replacing with new

  • putting in new safety balustrades

  • strengthening railings

  • recovering non-slip platforms

  • Upgrading structural supports

Yes. We have public liability insurance of £5,000,000. It's expensive for us but working with steel can be dangerous and renovating semi-public structures is a big responsibility so we want to be sure that any risks are minimized and also insured.

If you are considering renovating your fire-escape you will want to know that it is to the standard that the fire-officer or buildings surveyor requires. We are happy to liase with them for you and meet them on-site to check exactly what they want and how they want it done. Please let us know who you have contacted and we can make sure they are happy with our proposals.

What Our Clients Say?

James D. James D.

Excellent Service! managed to get the scaffold up urgently. highly recommend and would use again

Derek M. Derek M.

Been working with these guys for years now, great company to deal with and will always try to accommodate all enquiries and jobs

Callum G. Callum G.

Absolutely fantastic company to work with, brilliant communication and making sure that your business can stay operating while they carry out their scaffolding works.