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Blue Jay Builders NYC has a Masonry Repair Systems portfolio to deploy when strengthening or repairing Parapet Walls.
Panelled Parapet Wall Services

Panelled Parapet Wall Services

Embattled Parapet Wall

Embattled Parapet Wall

Perforated Parapet Wall

Perforated Parapet Wall

Plain parapet wall

Plain parapet wall

Parapet Wall Wall Contractors NYC

Brick and Stone Parapet Walls can deteriorate over time due to various effects of aging. Such may include deterioration due to water ingress, frost damage, vibration, chemical attack, direct impact, or any combination thereof. Embedded steel, wind loading, and suction loading due to passing traffic may also play a role in deterioration. Parapet walls are invariably situated at a high level on buildings and structures. Therefore, any failure could prove extremely dangerous should debris fall into adjacent areas. Repairs carried out using dense, rigid materials such as sand and cement render, pointing or bolting on steel, usually only provide short-term benefits. Thermal movement and moisture penetration are likely to result in further cracking and deterioration of the structure. Blue Jay Builders NYC has a Masonry Repair Systems portfolio to deploy when strengthening or repairing Parapet Walls. These include a post-tensioned anchor system, highly effective for Parapet Walls of bridges.

Why Do You Need Best Parapet Wall Contractors NYC?

Parapet walls were originally created for defensive purposes, but they’ve survived in modern architecture for completely different reasons. Today, parapet walls are used on roofs—mainly flat roofs—as guard rails to keep anyone on the roof as safe as possible. Parapet walls also help stop fires from spreading. They keep any accumulated debris from falling off flat roofs and injuring passersby.
In New York, parapet walls are fairly commonplace, thanks partly to the number of flat roofs in the city. Suppose you need to have a parapet wall installed, replaced, or repaired. In that case, you can count on the contractors at Blue Jay Builders Roofing & Waterproofing NYC. We’ve provided roofing and construction services to homes and businesses in New York for more than 15 years. We can help you make sure that your parapet walls are in perfect condition and in compliance with city codes. Our parapet wall contractors NYC are licensed, professionally trained, and extensively experienced, so we can always guarantee excellent workmanship and your complete satisfaction.

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Plain Parapet Wall

The solid wall is constructed as a normal wall like we construct other brick walls. Mostly these walls are constructed as masonry walls. However, in some instances, they could be constructed as concrete walls.
Embattled Parapet Wall
Parapet walls are constructed as protection. The thickness of the wall is fairly high, and the height of the walls is also very high on some occasions. It varies from structure to structure.

Perforated Parapet Wall

The name itself describes the feature of these types of walls. Unlike the plain walls, these types of walls are designed with openings in the wall.

Pannel Parapet Wall

There are panels on the outside of the wall. Pannels provide a good aesthetic appearance. These types of walls can be observed in ancient structures.

Sloped Parapet Walls

These walls are constructed mainly in connection with the roof. When the roof is terminated, walls are constructed at the edge of the building to facilitate the termination.

Stepped Parapet Walls

These types of walls are the same as the sloping walls. However, there are steps in the sloping walls. Different moldings were created to improve the aesthetic appearance of the wall.

Curved Parapet Wall

This type of parapet wall is a further development of the sloping wall. There are curved features along the scope of the wall. Other features of the wall are the same as the normal sloping wall.

Flat Parapet Walls

Flat walls are as same as plain walls. These walls are constructed at the same higher. The main features of these walls are the same as the plain type walls. The Wall thickness and height are also the same as the plain walls.

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Benefits of Parapet Wall Construction Services NYC

The construction method of the wall is the same as the other types of walls. Mix proportions, the brick is placed is the same as the other construction procedures. Quality control is also the same as the usual construction. However, the construction detail is slightly different from the other types of walls, especially since these walls are exposed to direct sunlight.
In such situations, special construction details shall be followed to avoid cracking the walls. Otherwise, the parapet could crack.
Therefore, it is recommended to construct stiffener columns and beams to carry the internal stresses induced due to the thermal effect and restrains in the wall. Construction company details such as the following figure could be implemented when constructing. As the above figure indicates, a concrete curb should be constructed to avoid water seepage between the floor and the masonry wall. When there is a curb, it effectively contributes to the durability of the masonry wall too.

Most of the parapets are constructed with masonry walls. However, these walls could be constructed as reinforced concrete walls per the particular project.

We Are Specialists in Parapet Wall Services

Construction of parapet walls repair services in NYC can be observed in buildings, bridges, and roads. In general, there will be parapet walls in almost all the buildings. Whether it is low rise building or high rise building, we need parapet walls as mostly there will be roof slabs, terrace needs protection. There are different reasons for this type of construction in the latter part of this article. Safety, aesthetic appearance, roof termination, etc., are some of the key factors that make us construct the parapet walls.

Let’s see what the parapet wall is?

It is defined as a barrier that is an extension at the edge of the roof, terrace, balcony, walkway, or other structures. Basically, it is a masonry wall constructed in the locations mentioned earlier.


We can not keep the boundary of the roof, terrace, balcony, walkway, etc., open without any protection or any barrier to the movement. This is why we construct walls around the areas discussed in this article.
Let’s see the main advantages of having a wall and the protection are.

If you're thinking of roof restoration or roof replacement for a flat roof, then these are some of the advantages of having parapets: Fire protection. When the wall is extended above the roof plane, it can stop flames from coming up the exterior of the building and immediately igniting the roofing membrane.

There are 8 types of parapet are there namely Plain Parapet Walls, Embattled Walls, Perforated Walls, Paneled Walls, etc.

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