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Our aim is to provide our clients with a bespoke and highly competitive flooring installation service from consultation and specification to preparation and application.
Floor Repair Services

Floor Repair Services

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Floor Replacement Contractors

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Floor Inspection Builders

Why Acquire the Flooring Services of the Blue Jay Builders

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring comes from a solid piece of milled wood and contains solid wood all throughout. Popular hardwood varieties include maple, oak, walnut, or cherry. Its versatility and quality make it a desirable flooring option for many home buyers.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring offers the look of real wood at a more affordable price than solid wood. The floor features a thin layer of hardwood bonded over a high-quality plywood substrate. It’s as durable as solid hardwood flooring and can last as long with proper care.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an affordable flooring option for homeowners who prefer an alternative to carpet but want to avoid the cost of hardwood or tiles. The floors consist of a particleboard wood base topped by wood or tile photo beneath a clear plastic protective layer.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely water-resistant and won’t sustain damage even if the water sits on the surface for an extended amount of time. Composed of plastic, it’s available in plank, tile, and sheet form.


Tile flooring is a popular choice for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The most common tile materials are ceramic or porcelain. Tile is water-resistant, durable, and comes in various styles and colors.

Stone Flooring

Natural stone, such as granite, marble, travertine and sandstone, are popular flooring choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Like ceramic and porcelain, stone is extremely durable and waterproof.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a durable, eco-friendly flooring option made from linseed oil and cork. Linoleum flooring is affordable and easy to install. The flooring comes in sheet form and in various colors and styles. It is resilient (made with elastic materials) and can last for decades if cared for properly.


Carpet is a favorite flooring option for homeowners, especially in bedrooms. It comes in a variety of colors, materials, and textures. Carpet technology has improved over the years, and modern carpets have stain-resistant qualities.

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Finding A Flooring Contractor in New York?

Blue Jay flooring service is one of NYC’s leading flooring contractors in NYC specializing in installing epoxy resin flooring in commercial and industrial environments. Our team of highly skilled resin flooring installers has many years of experience delivering high-performance flooring systems all over NY. Our aim is to provide our clients with a bespoke and highly competitive flooring installation service from consultation and specification to preparation and application.
We have close working relationships with all of the industries leading resin flooring manufacturers and the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the best specifications, solutions, and standards possible.

Benefits of Flooring Contractors Services in NYC

Welcome to Blue Jay Flooring construction company. We are one of the NYC leading suppliers and installers of resin flooring systems for industrial and commercial premises. We offer a bespoke service, using our network of world-class suppliers and talented installers to deliver high-performance flooring that looks great and has served you well for years. Over the years, we have worked with a variety of mid-to-large-sized NY organizations in various sectors, including:

  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Industry and power generation
  • Aerospace and automotive manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Hygienic and food-safe environments – including storage warehouses, food and drink processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Electronics and microprocessor manufacturing

Why Acquire the Flooring Services of the Blue Jay Builders NYC

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Our highly skilled supervisors can advise you on any current or future flooring projects you may have in mind. We can guide you through the full process, from the planning and decision-making stages to the installation and completion of your commercial flooring projects. We work with many governing bodies, builders, and contract managers, meaning we have all the connections needed within the industry to provide you with a vast amount of knowledge and an exceptional final product. Our contract flooring services in NYC are available nationally, in New York & Queens. We also work locally, covering NY Queens.
Our expert team of fitters is committed to health and safety. We pride ourselves on our dedication to flooring detail.


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Full site survey & detailed quotation preparation
Subfloor preparation & levelling
Damp Proof Membrane application
Installation of engineered, solid, vinyl and laminate flooring
Specialists installation of Herringbone and Chevron parquet block, Versailles Panels and narrow strip and wide plank flooring.
Fitting of oak strips
Skirting remove and refit or fit new
Door trimming
Moving furniture
Rubbish disposal
Floor protection & oiling

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What Our Clients Say?

K Grove K Grove

I had my hall and dining room sanded, gaps filled, some planks replaced, and then sealed/oiled. They turned up on time and were very thorough, tidy, and professional. Even bought their own coffee! Extremely pleased with the end result, floorboards look lovely. Were very dark and patchy before. Definitely recommend. Took all rubbish away with them.

Mike Harpley Mike Harpley

They sanded and regenerated our old floorboards in our house. Including putting pine strips in the gaps. It's ended up looking very nice indeed. They were meticulous and the price was reasonable too.

Hannah Carter Hannah Carter

Just brilliant from start to finish and apart from a beautifully laid floor, you would have never know they were there.