About Us

Our Story

For over 20 years, commitment to our Core Values has made Blue Jay builders NYC the ideal building partner for the region’s most forward-thinking organizations. Construction projects were few and far between, our employee roster small, and our “fleet” just one old truck. What might have looked like insanity to the world, to us felt like a mission: to learn, to grow, to forge relationships, to build – not just buildings but essential parts within ourselves, our team, and our community. We worked long hours. We tackled jobs other companies wouldn’t. We took on projects from diverse industries. We delivered on our promises. We laid a solid foundation.


The foundation we established has given us the rare opportunity to build structures beyond our wildest dreams. To truly connect and partner with clients in ways that add value to their projects and bottom lines. To be given a chance to build families, businesses, communities, lifelong relationships – and our ever-growing family of employee-owners.

Our success comes from a steadfast commitment to the client’s vision and a culture of balance, integrity, leadership and loyalty. At Blue Jay Builders NYC, we transform the construction experience by creating an environment that fosters collaboration and project team engagement.
With a workplace that attracts and retains the best employees in every field. We are proud of each of our employees’ dedication, skill, and integrity and their unique contributions to building our high-performance teams.

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Our Expertise

Every day real estate developers and owners count on our ability to successfully manage their investment from start to finish. Clients choose Blue Jay construction company not just because of what we build but also how we advise building.

Our comprehensive construction services work best in the initial planning stages to perform a thorough project analysis as the negotiated general contractor on the development team. Due to our extensive knowledge of construction and subcontractor market conditions, building products and current building trends, clients prize our ability to creatively maximize pro forma projections by pushing the limits of the design and building process, effectively reducing the per-unit cost.

Over the years, the key to our success has been due to the valuable client relationships developed through years of partnerships and straightforward honesty. Our clients are our priority, so we promise to deliver when you put your trust in us. As your trusted advisor and manager, we take our role very seriously. Our goal is always the same: generate the greatest possible return on investment for your project.